Birthday bunnies

When I was a kid, someone sent me a birthday card with a frog or a rabbit jumping around saying “HOPPY BIRTHDAY”. Not what you’d call rocket science as poetry goes, but for some reason that phrase often comes to mind when I’m thinking about people’s birthdays.

So, when my buddy Steve-o-rino had a birthday coming up and I set out to make him a card, the only ideas that came revolved around bunnies. And the more I thought about it, the funnier it got: “How can I make a pointlessly elaborate joke out of HOPPY BIRTHDAY?!”

I ask for your indulgence a lot on this blog, ducklings, but I’m about to do so again and then some. Because below you’ll find some of my favorite elements of the finished card (which I heartily urge you to see in its full-resolution glory at Flickr) along with my ramblings and commentary.

And, just because I never tire of saying it: Hoppy Birthday, Steve!

This fella must be the Speaker of the House of Bunnies, or perhaps the High Magistrate of the Bungress. I’m simply thrilled with this little guy — he looks so earnest, so doughy, so floppy-eared!

This is a Legislator Bunny, perhaps from the Sunny Meadow delegation. Again, please note the earnestness, the dignity of bearing, the fluffiness of tail. Truly a bunny whose name would deserve veneration in any decent society, if he or she actually had a name.

Here we have two of the quieter members of the august body of the 277th International Bungress. They ask for no special dispensation, yet they brook no disrespect. Their solemnity of purpose loses no weight if they should, from time to time, take a moment during deliberation to reminiscence on the sweet alfalfa of their youth.

My handwriting, like that of much of my Internet-addled generation, is miserable, so I took pains to rise above my crude scrawling with inspiration from a variety of old exemplars. Since 2nd grade I’ve had deep-rooted problems getting the lower-case ‘s’ and ‘r’ to look right, but I was pretty happy with the results. And honestly, I couldn’t be more chuffed about that upper-case ‘I’ in “International”… just looking at it makes me feel far more like Voltaire than I ever imagined possible.

Discovering the word “contenement” was a reward all by itself. Sure, it basically means the same thing as “appurtenance”, but really: if there were 15 other synonyms for “appurtenance”, wouldn’t you want to know them all?

And finally, for those of you still reading… can anyone spot the two (three!) typos in the Birthday declaration?

PS: The eagle-eyed David P. has detected three typos!

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2 Responses to Birthday bunnies

  1. lolarusa says:

    Adorable. And dignified.

  2. Steve says:

    And I am sooooo honored!

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