Uncle Vinny branches out

Ducklings! Do you wish there were more familiar faces on YouTube, people you knew you could trust who shared tips for a cozier life enveloped in commentary of a pure and adamantine authority?

The day you have hoped for is at hand! No longer will you have to turn to strangers — they probably mean well, but how can you be sure? — for information on how to fold fitted sheets, for behold, your pal Uncle Vinny has created a short video that amuses while it educates:

This whole stupid idea was prompted by a Metafilter link and the tagline “One of the biggest challenges you’re going to face in your life is how to fold a fitted sheet”, which reminded me of this episode of one of my favorite comic strips, Bliss:

No matter how successful I am at folding these, I always think “Mine’s a flapping bird” when I’m finished.

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4 Responses to Uncle Vinny branches out

  1. Eitan says:

    Thanks for the personal touch!

  2. yancy says:

    Hey, this is awesome! Who knew fitted sheets could be folded?

    Will I actually try it? Unclear, but I feel empowered just knowing this exists–thanks.

  3. violet_dagrinder says:

    I learned this method when I was volunteering for laundry duty at the Wetspot (yeah, I know). It made a big difference in my sheet-folding technique, but it’s not a miracle. . .they STILL end up kinda unsatisfactorily floppy and lumpy.:-/

  4. frank says:

    Maybe I shouldn’t be admitting this, but Martha Stewart learned me how to fold towels. ‘Cause once upon a time ago I saw her giving a demonstration I happened to catch on an Oprah show. It changed my life. Or at least my folding practices. This is neat too. Thanks. It actually looks like a magician’s trick. Love your bunnies below too, by the way. You could make a living drawing bunnies!

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