A young, slender thing is making eyes at you

After perhaps a year of effort, my pal Amy Leigh Morgan, doyen of the Fairy Tale Factory, has come out with a darling collection of fairy tales, including one by your very own Uncle Vinny. I urge you to get your webbed feet on a copy post haste, ducklings, not because my story is All That, but because 2 of the 6 stories are devoutly to be admired and well worth your $8 — even cheaper if you get the Kindle version, but…. oy vey, Kindle.

some with unhappy endings

Some of you may remember my little story of Tor and Twillabee from when I posted a version of it long ago. Well, now it’s been all gussied up with actual copyediting, a lovely illustration by the untrammelable Diana Sudyka, and book design by my secret love-interest David Adam Edelstein. Aren’t you curious to see how that li’l nipper growed up? I thought you might be!

So click here to order! I profit not a whit from this enterprise, but you’ll be helping Amy break even. And in the world of literature, that’s Something.

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4 Responses to A young, slender thing is making eyes at you

  1. lolarusa says:

    What a pretty little book. I see they have it at Elliott Bay. I’ll definitely pick up a copy.

  2. unclevinny says:

    Oh neat, I didn’t know Amy’d gotten it on the shelves there. I’ll have to go take a look. Enjoy!

  3. lolarusa says:

    My mistake. It’s on their web page, but not on the shelves. I’ll ask them to order it.

  4. lolarusa says:

    Very enjoyable book. What a great idea for a creative writing class.

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